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Do you own or franchise a three or four star hotel? Are you looking for how to decorate your establishment? This article will give you the keys to making it a unique place.

The decoration of your hotel reflects its conviviality. To stand out and assert your identity, wall decoration is the solution. By a harmonious choice of art photography, you will create a warm atmosphere.

Take inspiration from your environment

To decorate a hotel the safe bet is to draw inspiration from its external environment. If you are by the sea, opt for marine photographs. And if your hotel is registered in a classified or recognized environment, do not hesitate to play this card!

Choose a reference theme

You can also make your mark in the decoration of your hotel and then choose a theme: a city, a universe, a color.
For example, choosing a country with an identity, such as Japan, can allow you to create harmony.

Choosing a color and applying it around different art photographs, brings real unity. Red is suitable for wall decoration, it is a popular color for its energizing and warm properties. It offers an enveloping and reassuring atmosphere. This color goes perfectly with white and variations of brown for a cocooning atmosphere !