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About me

Being a photographer is first and foremost a passion. That of photography. To be a professional photographer is also to have the rare privilege of being able to live from one’s passion. It is also to be able to please people, its customers, through its photos. To be a photographer is above all to have the chance to write in pictures the memories of their most beautiful moments.

Beyond the commercial aspect of my activity as a photographer, I am above all passionate about images. You can’t make a beautiful travel report if you don’t have this passion at the beginning. It is my driving force as a photographer !

Being a photographer is still loving people. Photographing landscapes is first of all to be in an exchange with people. For me, it is not possible to photograph people without being in a strong relationship with them, without having established a real trust with them. That’s also what being a photographer is all about.

Patrick Hoek.


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Why your travel agency needs to hire a professional photographer ?

Being a photographer is not just about having a camera that costs an arm and pushing a button :). You may have invested in a high-performance camera, but there is a whole technical aspect to master in order to get the result you want. Whether it is about light management, framing, sharpness zones… it is a real know-how above all which requires a real technical and practical photographic understanding. Moreover, apart from the shooting aspect, there is the whole post-processing part, in which the photographer brings his personal touch to highlight and sublimate his photo. I share with you below, a photo taken during a family session at the end of the day. The goal is not to transform or modify reality but rather to reinforce the visual impact by highlighting the subject.

Calling on a professional is also calling on a different perspective. Of course, apart from the technical and material aspect, you can look at the photos of 2-3 different photographers of the same subject, but you will get a different rendering. Because as a person, we are different and have a different look and a different sensitivity to what surrounds us. The professional to whom you will entrust your most beautiful memories, who you will also have chosen for his photographic style, will be able to bring you a different view of you, your family and the way he perceives things.

A professional photographer will know with his experience how to create a climate of confidence with his clients to put them at ease and thus obtain pictures that convey an emotion, that tell a story, YOUR story.


Barcelona, the city of the sun !

Barcelona, the city of the sun !

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Bordeaux, capital of an exceptional heritage!

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Thailand : the land of temples that inspires photographers !

Thailand : the land of temples that inspires photographers !

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