How to clean your stainless steel sink the efficient way

Now if you are a perfectionist then you will truly prefer a clean and shiny sink. The good news is that this goal is not so hard to achieve and now you can quickly clean your best kitchen sinks in no time. The following guide will give you the details.

Steps for cleaning a stainless steel sink

Here are the steps to follow for cleaning your sink.

Step 1: The first step is to clear out and prepare your sink for the cleaning job. Make sure that you have washed all the dishes before you start with the task.

Step 2: If there is any food residue or vegetable peels in the sink then they need to be removed as well.

Step 3: Now make sure that you rinse the sink with hot water.

Step 4:  You need a stainless steel cleanser for cleaning the sink. Take a non-abrasive sponge and add the cleanser to the sponge. Now start rubbing your sink with the sponge. Rubbing should always be done in the direction of finish. You will notice that most stainless steel sinks tend to have a brushed finish. Wiping needs to be done parallel to brushed lines.

If you do not want to use a sink cleanser then you do have other options available for cleaning the sink. The easiest alternative is available in your kitchen. You can use baking soda and make a mixture with water. Spread this mixture on the sink and rub it using a sponge. Finally wash your sink and dry it.

You can even use vinegar as a sink cleanser. Add vinegar to a moist cloth and follow the cleaning instructions as given for sink cleanser.

It can be a good idea to use lemon juice and cream of tartar as a sink cleanser as well. This remedy can be quite useful when you have to remove the tough stains that do not go away easily. Mix lemon juice with a few teaspoons of cream of tartar and form a paste. You should apply this paste to those areas of the sink where you have the stains. The mixture should be allowed to remain on the stains for some time and later you can wipe off this mixture. Finally wash your sink and dry it.

Step 5: When you need to clean the faucet areas then put some cleanser on the tooth brush for cleaning those areas. The outside part of the sink needs to be cleaned as well.

Step 6: Now you need to wipe the faucet. Wiping should be done down the drain. The garbage disposal edges need to be wiped off as well. You can use a tooth brush for cleaning these areas.

Step 7: Next you should rinse off the cleanser with the water. It is essential to remove the cleanser from all the areas where you used it. Use a clean towel for drying the sink. You need to ensure that the sink is completely dry so that you can polish it with ease. If the sink is not dried up properly then there are chances that water spots might form.

Step 8: Take a lint free cloth and use it for polishing the sink. Simply use a sink polish and keep wiping the sink till it is completely clean.

The best thing to do is to clean your sink at least once a week. Always clean the kitchen surfaces first because there is a possibility that the debris might end up in the sink. Most of us often do a common mistake and that is wet sponges are left on the sink. Avoid this mistake as well because this can let water spots form on the sink. The most important rule of the thumb is that your dirty dishes should always be in the dish washer and not the sink. This will lead to your sink becoming messy and it will take more time to clean it.

Make sure that you strictly follow the instructions for cleaning the sink and also stick to the tips mentioned above. This way you can look forward to having a clean sink always so try it out.

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